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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

It's not a lack of support. I'd love to have the set. It's a lack of money.

Indysolo wrote: View Post
Thanks for the support!

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Also a moderator, I believe.
Not a worry. Posts like that amuse, not anger me.

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She should get this box for "review purposes".
I wish. I do get stuff and it would be worth the work I would then have to do to review it.

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I know exactly who she is. It doesn't change the fact that she came into the thread simply to say she wasn't buying it because of the price, feigned surprise that others were indeed buying it and then disparagingly referred to the set as a "hobby item". She contributed nothing to the discussion, so what would you call that type of behavior? It sounds an awful lot like trolling to me.
OK sport. I realize that I didn't do the gushing that the rest of the posters did (which is kind of funny in a twisted way because I suspect that I'd love the set) but here is something that YOU need to know. This is not a "cheerleading board" meaning that sometimes, someone will post an unpopular opinion.

The cost is high. That is not a complaint as it most probably IS worth it, but for me, it's too expensive. I was surprised that so many here bought it, because after over a decade online and real life acquaintance with many fellow Trekkies, most barely have a pot to piss in and so it was surprising to see that so many COULD afford this.

I did NOT "disparaging refer to it as a hobby." It IS a hobby. I don't know how it works in your world, but in mine, there is a limited amount of money for hobbies. Know that I LOVE hobbies and have several including Trek. Do you think I'd put up with some of the stupidity I put up with here on a daily basis if I didn't love Trek?

I've had to say this to others during my tenure here, but it's the first time I've ever had to use it defend myself. Again - it's not the cheerleader board, but a DISCUSSION board and sometimes people will have opinions you don't like. That's how it goes. Deal with it.

My inability to purchase the set at present and my envy of those who can afford is by no means to be taken as a disparagement of this noteworthy project. I hope the thing sells out, personally and wish nothing but the best to those who created it.
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