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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Precisely. I know that DS9 was a bit of a pioneer in arc storytelling for Star Trek, but the writers had managed big events in far more satisfying ways previously. Were they experiencing fatigue after the Occupation Arc?

Perhaps it was it something as simple as the behind the scenes change they had when Robert Hewitt Wolfe left? Bradley Weddle and David Thompson went on to be excellent writers on the new BSG series, but it was DS9 where they cut their teeth. I think they had credits on Prodigal Daughter and Extreme Measures, which were both decidedly dodgy.

Whatever happened, season six ended in a muddle. There's a similar sort of muddle during season seven, where the writers spend either too much time shoving Ezri down our throats, or showing us frivolous escapades. All of which have varying degrees of quality.

I've said before that I do enjoy Sacrifice of Angels though even though Jadzia's death was crap. I understand the poignancy of a non-heroic, brutal death, but this one tipped far too heavily into hilariously camp.
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