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Re: Best Planet Of The Apes sequel?

^^ I think there was a scene like that in the first episode of the TV show.

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That being said: What's everyone's opinion on the theory that the original POTA films establish a closed time loop?
I'd buy a closed time loop that changes a bit on each pass; that would or could explain many of the timeline contradictions.

Christopher wrote: View Post
That's just an example of what makes it hard for me to see the five films as one epic story. None of them, save the last, was designed with a sequel in mind. So each film had to retcon the rules of the previous film in order to justify its existence. In the original, there was no time warp; Taylor and his men were just in hibernation for thousands of years, maybe time-dilated by their velocity, but either way just in suspended animation. Beneath had to retcon that into a time warp to justify a second ship coming to the same future.
Well, it was certainly a messy epic. Aside from the problems with Escape, the thing that bothers me the most is the evolution of the time dilation to a time warp to a two-way time warp (and in the show there was no suspended animation at all). While I consider the first film Grade-A, I look at the whole thing collectively as a B-Movie-- lots of fun, but with damaging plot holes and contradictions and inconsistent production values.
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