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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

BillJ wrote: View Post
With Data 'out there' exploring the books could quickly come down with a case of 'Worf Syndrome'. Trying to figure out ways to incorporate Data into stories even when he has no business being there.
Who says they need data to constantly show up? They did just fine when he was dead, might as well just keep him doing his own thing and maybe occasionally show up.

Ronald Held wrote: View Post
If you ultimately want Data on the E-E , restore his commission and promote him to full commander.
If being the operative word. I don't have a problem Data actually not sticking around, of course I would have preferred Data to stay dead so that might be why.

Markonian wrote: View Post

Or how about captain (by 2387 at least)?
Or why don't we just completely ignore the fanwanky non canon according to the word of god tie-in that was kind of meh.

zarkon wrote: View Post
commodore by '08 baby
While we're at it lets also ignore the defunct future.
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