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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I guess I need to rewatch the earlier episodes, because it seems to me, it's a bit much to claim that Dale had no relationship to Andrea and just decided to play Daddy out of nowhere. I'm prety sure I recall them being good friends, and Andrea hanging out with him, and in the RV of her own accord. Yes, she was angry at hm, for playing daddy, especially when he took her gun (That was definitely very questionable, considering the Zombie dangers), but, I don't believe he inserted himself into that position without being encouraged through an already developed frienship
what about when he took all the guns. Can we agree at least that it was crazy and showed his need to control everyone else's behaviour?
Oh, absolutely. I wasn't trying to defend his every action, everyone's got something we can grumble about.

I was just opposed to this idea, that Dale started trying to play Andrea's Daddy from out of nowhere, because I believe I remember them being good friends
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