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Re: What if Cumberbatch is not the "Villain"?

I do think Cumbercatch is a villain based on what he says in the trailer, but the odds at this point also point to him at least being a sympathetic villain. His monologue in the teasure suggests that he's going to shatter the peace that Earth has enjoyed, which certainly seems... villainous. On the flipside, if it is him behind the glass at the end of the extended trailer (a theory which has been given more credence by the recently spoiled pic of his character in the brig opposite Kirk and Spock, separated by a glass pane), then that means that Spock is giving him the vulcan salute, something he probably wouldn't do unless he sympathized with him in a fairly significant way.

It seems that Benny is a villain, but there's probably also another villain opposite him with which he is engaged, and the Enterprise is playing damage control, trying to help people who are caught in the crossfire, find a way to bring back peace, and save face for Starfleet.
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