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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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At this point I'm not sure what can "save" the programming.
1. Better booking that doesn't treat character continuity and common sense as afterthoughts.

2. Building actual angles and feuds for wrestlers beyond the top 8-10 guys.

3. Not having every single tag team look like jobbers by having Ryberg or Big Show defeat them in handicap matches or squash one member in one-on-one matches.

4. Not giving us the black hole of heat that is Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus for the 3,027th time since April. Del Rio is actually growing on me by putting on good matches though I still think Sheamus is a lost cause.

5. Getting Khaliswoggle the fuck off my television and relegating them to the Saturday morning kid-focused show.

I've been watching the Hulu Plus version of Raw lately and don't feel like I'm missing anything interesting despite 40-45 minutes being cut (the Hulu Plus versions are edited down to 90 minutes of actual show). That speaks volumes about how bloated the three hour Raw is. Main Event has actually been pretty good with a consistent focus on wrestling from the upper midcard guys like Cesaro and Kofi and minimal recaps of shitty angles (OMG! Two single people are having an affair?!?!!? SCANDAL!!!!1). Smackdown's bipolar, at best--good one week, complete tripe the next.

For me, continuing to watch WWE programming even though I find a lot of it completely awful is like waiting for them to finally do something shocking and interesting. It might never happen but I hold out hope as midguided as that may be.
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