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Re: Sayings that you hate now

Re. Carrier bags: By breakfast time this morning I noticed that my bread had gone stale and that I had no butter... Oh well, on with the winter clothes and down the street to the bakery after a loaf of bread.

The thing is: my local bakery is actually a café that just happens to also sell freshly baked bread - so they had no butter I then continued to the nearest shop that had butter. - And into the next-door shop, now that I was in the vicinity, for a few things for lunch.
On my way home I saw some half-finger gloves (which I'd been on the look-out for)...

Three shops and three times I was offered plastic bags to carry my few items - but in the last shop I was asked if I wanted to buy a bag and had to respond with a: "With each shop I'm exiting today it's getting more and more difficult to do without a bag, but no thanks, I'll manage" -which actually made the cashier laugh out loud! -having put down several items, I had just bought elsewhere, on her desk before I could dig out my wallet in order to pay for those gloves, and at the time picking them up again, I suppose she did have something to laugh at...
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