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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Meanwhile, Sisko and the admiralty that he's seemingly in charge of decide to plot out the invasion of Cardassia over a single weekend. That's the impression the episode leaves, at least. I'm fairly sure that D-Day took more planning than Churchill telling Roosevelt that he wanted to invade France Tuesday-week. At least in Favor the Bold the planning of Operation Return took a whole episode, and they were even forced to launch that attack before it was ready. In Tears of the Prophets, Sisko plans out the attack, convinces the Romulans to get involved, the allied fleets launch the invasion, successfully seize control of the Chin'toka system, the Defiant rushes home to DS9, and there's time enough to spare for Sisko to take the major decision to return to Earth. This is far too much material to cram into 45 minutes, and the result is a rushed episode. This should have been a two-parter at the very least, with the added advantage that it would have taken the slot of one of the pointless fluff episodes.
Even though the producers had to keep the show relatively episodic, you'd think by this point it wouldn't be too much to throw a scene or two detailing this build-up to the invasion in the episodes prior.
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