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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

189. The Rescuers Down Under (B+)
190. The Great Mouse Detective (A)
191. Death Wish (D+)
192. Outrage (B)

The Rescuers Down Under: Maybe it's just nostalgia speaking, but I think this is a far better movie than the original. It does away with the mediocre musical numbers, has much more dynamic animation, and is excellently cast (what's not to like about George C. Scott's turn as the villain, or John Candy's turn as a bird?).

The Great Mouse Detective: This was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid, so I know nostalgia is at play here, but I really enjoyed revisiting it. Vincent Price is excellent as the bad guy, the mix of simple digital animation with traditional animation is quite good, and score by Henry Mancini is a lot of fun. Sure, this is riffing off the Rathbone version of the character more than the original stories (Rathbone even has a cameo as Holmes!), but it's fun.

Death Wish: I've seen all five Dirty Harry films, but not even the worst of the bunch prepared me for this tripe. The cinematography is dull, the direction is lifeless, the writing awful, and the acting...well, let's just say I don't think Jeff Goldblum, Denzel Washington, and Christopher Guest have kept this on their resumes. Charles Bronson is actually serviceable (and not too old, as he would be in the inevitable sequels), but the film is really indefensible in the ways that it justifies vigilante justice and portrays the poor. One character even suggests rounding up all the poor and putting them in concentration camps! Bronson laughs this off (!), but later, after his wife is murdered and his daughter raped, it seems like he might agree.

It does have a pretty neat Herbie Hancock score, though, which is about the only thing positive I can say about it.

Outrage: This is an insightful, well put together documentary about closeted politicians and their anti-gay policies, although those familiar with the subject won't find much new here. It's amazing (and reassuring) how much things have changed in the four years since this film was made, though; most of the figures discussed are out of office and, in many cases, out of public life altogether.

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