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Re: McWeeny has a theory about this movie

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Drew McWeeny, one-time "Moriarty" over at Ain't It Cool News, took the Into Darkness press tour over at Bad Robot yesterday.

He has a theory about what Abrams is doing with this movie.

But… one last thing. In the trailer, you've seen the shot where Cumberbatch jumps, lands, and then swats a dude using a huge long hunk of metal. Well, that hunk of metal is what the crew on the film called "The Big Gun." That's what we were told during our tour, and as everyone was discussing it, we were standing in a room that had been specially set up for today's event.

And on the counter at the back of the room, there was a big book of production art that was open. Laying right there were anyone could see it. And on one of the two pages, there was a concept design sketch for that gun. But instead of "The Big Gun," it was called "April's Gatling Gun."

As in the gun that April uses. The gun that seems to belong to Cumberbatch in the trailer, which would suggest that Cumberbatch is April.

You see what I mean about misdirection? What if they intentionally left that there, open to that page, in the exact area where everyone was standing, just to help obfuscate everything even more?

Or… even crazier… what if they really didn't think anyone would pay attention to that, and that's really what they're doing for this film?

What if someone is getting fired today at Bad Robot for leaving the book open to that page (or even having the book there in the first place)?
Or a promotion for the brilliant idea of scribbling Aprils name there and leaving it for curious eyes to discover.
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