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Diamond ore is a block and is effectively useless for crafting things, its only use is decorative. Diamonds are an item that drop when you mine diamond ore with an iron (or diamond) pick.
  1. Mine diamond ore with an iron pick to get diamonds.
  2. Make a diamond pick and mine some obsidian with it.
  3. Make an enchanting table with obsidian and diamonds (and a book).
  4. Grind for several days for the random chance to get a Silk Touch pick.
  5. Mine diamond ore to get diamond ore blocks.
  6. Profit! (Except for the fact that diamond ore is useless.)
I hope that explains things.
Awesome, that helps a great deal. I created two blocks of Obsidian in the lava pond under my house. I then spent several minutes attempting to mine one with an iron pickaxe. That was well spent time...

As usual TheGodBen, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
TheGodBen answered your question, so I just want to ask: would you like to join our server?
Yes please.
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