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Re: JJ Abrams and Secrecy... anyone else tired of it?

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I really don't have a problem with it. My only problem was with Cloverfield. I liked the movie don't get me wrong, but there just was not enough of the monster in the movie. For all the secrecy of that movie the payoff was not large enough for me.
Yeah, but the point of that movie was to tell the story from the point of view of average people caught up in it.

That is a departure from most monster movies where the main focus seems to be on the people (government/military/whatever) trying to deal the "big picture" of killing or eliminating the monster threat. By that very nature of those traditional monster movies, the main characters whose task it is to try to eliminate the threat of the monster have/gain a lot of information about the monster (and, thus, so does the audience).

Cloverfield, on the other hand, was mostly about the people on the ground, and by that very nature, they would have far less information about the monster itself.

It was that departure from the traditional way to tell a monster invasion story is why I DID like Cloverfield.
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