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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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I have pretty much 100% monopropellant and I'm aware of the mode toggle (R) between rotational/lateral controls.
The R key doesn't toggle between rotational and lateral controls, that just turns the RCS thrusters on and off to save mono-propellant fuel. The space key is the default to switch between rotational and lateral controls in docking mode, and I think you actually have to click on the button on the bottom-left to enter docking mode.
Ah well, I guess there's something definitely up with my installation as I find that I can't use the lateral controls unless I press R - when the controls are working anything like correctly, that is. I'm tempted to write my own orbital rendezvous and autodocking algorithms for MechJEB if I can work out the details of the coordinate system and how to manoeuver with RCS. That's actually more of an interesting challenge to me than jabbing at keys until I feel like I'm going loopy. However, at the moment I have a stinking head cold so the prospect of doing the coding will have to wait for a few days.

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