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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

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By that logic should the Dark Knight have not used the Joker since Batman '89 was the only good Burton film?

Should TUC not have had Klingons since they had been used in many episodes and movies beforehand.
The Klingon argument is nonsense. By that logic I would never want to see a human in a sequel because there were humans in the previous one. They didn't reuse Kruge or Klaa for TUC. They had new (and great) characters in Chang and Gorkon.

As for Joker reuse, I think that's more acceptable because comic storytelling always has that. The villains always turn back up over and over again with some crazy new plan. Each hero has their rogues gallery that they pull from time and again.

Trek literally has a galaxy filled with characters that haven't had their story told yet - why continue to play in the shallow waters of Trek past?
If Konom would ever show up in a movie i would have a huge nerdgasm.
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