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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

So how does the F2P model work for SWTOR? Is there a page highlighting what you can and can't do within its framework? I briefly looked at the homepage for the game and found a long list of FAQs but couldn't instantly spot a one-page list of the key differences. I guess my main concern is that I want to be able to play out the full story as a solo player (I'm not really big into the whole multiplayer dimension anyway, either in terms of special event missions or PvP). Can I play the solo stories out for each type of character in a reasonably full way within F2P within having to pay for access to the higher levels (either overtly through a hard restriction, or effectively because it's nigh-on impossible to get the gear you need to complete missions without paying)?

I might be up for trying it, maybe during the Christmas week or New Year period, if it's both free to download and play.
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