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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

What had been the most revelatory to me are the 2nd season cues I thought were composed for specific episode but were in fact library cues by Alexander Courage. The "Fight On Captain Theme" was, I always thought, composed for Mirror, Mirror. The opening credit cue in Catspaw was another one. Mainly because they don't sound at all like Courage's work to me. Also some cues by Mullendore I thought were Steiner, and so on. Amazing what I'm learning. It's just odd to have the score to Mirror, Mirror without the fight music in there. I guess having certain cues left off the rerecordings were good clues.

The sound is fricking amazing! I have no issues with The Doomsday Machine, it's just great to finally have that complete. All of this music! It's also funny how come cues come on and I don't think of the original episode it was written for; instead I think of the scene I associate with it in a later episode. The tracking on Trek was always good, and when we get Apollo's giant theme, I don't think of that episode, I think of seeing the rocket in Assignment Earth.

Love, love, LOVE this!
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