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JJ Abrams and Secrecy... anyone else tired of it?

Returning from the grave essentially to get the pulse on something about JJ Abrams that has always annoyed me: his obsession with secrecy on his projects.

I can't speak on Lost, Revolution or Fringe; never saw them and have no interest in them as of now. I did enjoy Cloverfield, Super 8, and at least was entertained by Trek XI... but I did not find them worth the secrecy and suspense JJ assembled around them. In the end, all three were rather pedantic, dime a dozen action movies with some entertaining qualities, but nothing that left me "WOW! That was worth not knowing anything!" Cloverfield in particular was guilty of this for me; in the end, it's a monster rampaging through New York City. There wasn't much added to it or done with it that made it worth the hype he had going. Hell, the trailers and the exclusive clip were the same thing: the Statue of Liberty's head rolling down Broadway, albeit it re-cut with other bits mixed in here and there.

What I'm getting that is this: while I understand some want to go in unspoiled and totally shocked, and that some want to maintain surprise in an age where it's almost impossible, at the same time I find it annoying. If your response to my question "What are you doing?" on every project is to put your finger to your lips, go 'Shhhhhhhh!' and close a curtain... at a certain point, I will not care about your projects. And I feel like I reaching that point with Abrams. Especially with this "John Harrison" thing.

So, maybe I'm just whining, but I wanted to hear from you guys... is Abrams' secrecy MO tiresome, or working for you?
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