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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Thread question:

This thread has been devoted to the announcement of the set, tons of questions and speculation about the set, answers and track listings, and finally people ordering it and receiving it.

Pretty soon we are going to want to talk about the contents, what we hear on the CDs. "When I was listening to season 1 disc 4, I noticed that..." Should we open a new thread or threads for that kind of discussion? Or just keep this one running?
In SFF they a Hobbit Anticipation thread and a Hobbit grading and discussion thread, so there is precedent for that. It's fine by me.

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T'Grinch (T'Bonz) is a she.

Also a moderator, I believe.
She is actually the Head of the Entire Board. She's our boss.

I know exactly who she is. It doesn't change the fact that she came into the thread simply to say she wasn't buying it because of the price, feigned surprise that others were indeed buying it and then disparagingly referred to the set as a "hobby item". She contributed nothing to the discussion, so what would you call that type of behavior? It sounds an awful lot like trolling to me.
I was talking to BoredShipCapt'n who said he "believed she is a moderator." I was simply clarifying who she was.
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