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Re: Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read

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Oh hm ... not to hijack the thread, but: Should I? I guess I wasn't really going to because I figured I missed the boat already, with there being a vibrant discussion thread already, and I'm not really sure it fits into the ranking comparison-wise since it'd be the first non-novel ... ho-humm. Need more opinions!
It is not a novel but its TrekLit. Furthermore, it is written in-universe (aren't the novels as well?), therefore it is not a 'mere' manual. And it is not uncommon to have two threads, one before and one upon the books release, if I remember correctly. In addition, the established thread is more about the physical book, not so much about the content, characters, spoilers.
As I've said in another thread in relation to this, you could always create the review thread. Nothing's stopping you and it's not one posters personal monopoly.
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