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Hey guys, I've just started a couple weeks ago... I have a main base in a forest biome (It snows and rains. Often.) that is about 20 meters tall and has a couple sub-levels (sorry, no screen-shots quite yet). The entire area is crawling with skeletons, zombies, spiders, slimes, and creepers. Oh My.

But, I recently discovered my first abandoned underground mine and I'm working on creating a safe way to travel there... probably involving a minecart.

I have to say, its a bit humbling looking through this thread at all of your very impressive creations when I can barely find enough iron to keep my armor in good shape or manage to find any diamond ore, not that I could mine it if I were to find some.

While I'm on that subject of diamonds and pardon me if I come across as a newb, but this is what I've gotten from looking up a few things up on the wikia. Mining diamond ore requires the at minimum the silk touch enchantment on an iron pickaxe, which requires the enchantment table, which in turn requires diamond... I'm guessing that I'm missing something here.
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