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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"However, several times in Season 2 the ship was almost totally deserted, leaving the issue of traffic null and void. Of note here is Kirk, Scott & Spock's journey to the Bridge in By Any Other Name. It starts in Engineering and the journey takes a full 43 seconds, not unreasonable given the distance, really. I feel confident we can take this figure as a "stake in the sand" for a typical travel time from the secondary hull to the bridge."
Scotty and Spock use the turbo lift ride as an occasion to inform Kirk about their sabotage / suicide plan and I'd think they deliberately slowed down the speed of the turbo lift to make sure they told the Captain everything he needs to know before they arrive at the bridge and meet their antagonists.

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"At other times, a journey from the Bridge to Deck 5 (sickbay, captain's quarters etc) is around the 10-30 second mark (Mirror Mirror, Amok Time, Corbomite M.) It is certainly more suggestive of the turbolift corridor in WNMHGB being in the saucer than in the Secondary Hull."
I agree. Maybe the strange Main Deck 3 corridor seen in "Let That Be..." is a possible candidate (though there's no transporter room in the vicinity).

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"Finally, I should also include the journey from the Bridge to Engineering in Ultimate Computer (20 seconds). Once again, the ship was empty. If this is the whole journey, it may be indicitive of an Engineering section in the saucer, around deck 6 (or 7). Or it may be that we only see the gang for part of their journey (we never see them enter the turbolift at the start)."
I remember from a recent watching that they did enter the turbo lift at the bridge and travel straight to the engine room (no horizontal turbo lift lights, unfortunately). But because of the visible corridor walk the engine room couldn't be in the saucer where it would block turbo lift travel to the engineering hull. I firmly believe Matt Jefferies anticipated this problem and therefore gave us an (impulse) engine room arrangement (Season One studio set) to circumvent this problem which you did so beautifully illustrate:

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