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Re: Lincoln: Comments and reviews

Terrific movie. One of the best I've seen all year.

For what it's worth, in response to the OT--not being American, or particularly familiar with American history, I had never even heard of Thaddeus Stevens before I saw this movie.

I came away from it full of admiration for the man--or at least, the character--both for his egalitarian principles, and his willingness to make a tactical retreat to secure a great strategic victory. "There is nothing I will not say" was the most memorable line in the movie. (Assuming that I'm remembering it correctly ) And the final scene, in bed with his partner, reading the amendment, was a nice little humanizing touch. If it isn't true, it should be.

Like some other people, I thought the movie lost a bit of focus right at the end, and that the assassination scenes were superfluous. But it wasn't a serious flaw--just an imperfection.
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