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Re: Episode of the Week: Heart of Glory

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"The Romulans, now there's a name we've not heard in a while" - really? I'm sure we heard of them a couple of episodes back in Angel One? I understand why they wanted each episode to "stand-alone" but what is achieved by blatantly ignoring established continuity?
Well, in theory, "Angel One" takes place on Stardate 41636 while "Heart of Glory" is 41503, therefore precedes the competition!

Geordi's futuristic "head-cam" mustn't even have seemed futuristic in 1987, surely?! What is nice about this little scene though, is that it shows Geordi to be the one person who perceives Data very differently, yet he is the one that treats him the most humanly.
That's nice, yes. It's a bit funny how LaForge's VISOR abilities are reduced later on, so that he doesn't spot the Julianna Tainer android and loses the ability to detect lies.

Worf's agreeing to show the Klingons around the engine room shortly after they admit having lied to his Captain has been covered before.
That's a good plot twist, as it makes it plausible that Worf might be turning against his Federation comrades. Of course, it's only a few episodes later that we learn that Klingons are supposed to be trusted allies of the Federation, and that Picard would have been within his rights and wits to let Korris pilot the Enterprise while Konmel manned (Klinged?) the phasers...

Do all Klingon uniforms have the ability to make a weapon? Or were the renegades just well prepared?
The plot sort of suggests exceptional survival skills for the renegade trio. Exceptional equipment might explain some of this.

"Kling"? A moon of Q'onos perhaps? A colony?
Not a location at all, IMHO, but rather the Klingon equivalent for "mankind". A traitor of Kling is akin to a traitor of mankind. Or perhaps a traitor of the Klingon spirit, Klingonness, whatever.

Geordi's vision was almost pointless
Seconded - there's quite a bit of padding in many of these early episodes, not all of it explainable by writer strikes and the like. OTOH, it could be taken simply as a different artistic choice in pacing...

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