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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I'm halfway through Disc 2 now. The bad news is, there's a lot of tape hiss on these early ones (I didn't notice as much on the samples from later scores). The good news is, at least I'm not developing presbycusis yet.

Another sense in which the audio quality is maybe a little too good -- I'd never realized how much vibrato there was in the flute performances in "The Cage." At first I thought there was something wrong with the disc making it sound warbly. I wasn't sure until I heard some more sustained notes from different instruments. It's going to take some getting used to.

I don't know if I ever noticed this before -- in "To Catch a T.," when Pike is strangling the Keeper and he transforms into a scary monster and there's this screaming shock/horror trumpet motif accompanying the change, the four-note phrase the motif is built around is the same as the first four notes of the Talosians' theme. Which makes perfect sense, of course, but I can't believe I never noticed that (or maybe I did but I forgot since it's been so long).

Another thing I'm not sure I ever consciously registered: in "Some Corpse" from "Where No Man," which I suppose was for the Mitchell-Dehner sickbay scene where he feigned death, the motif is nearly a reprise of "Vina's Theme," with a couple of extra notes added.

"The Man Trap" has never been a favorite score and it's never going to be. It's interestingly avant-garde, but very repetitive. Still, it provided a number of the most familiar tracked cues from season 1, particularly the act-outs. And it's an interesting companion piece with "Where No Man." They and "The Naked Time" are all based on Courage's second-pilot theme (and his "Captain's Theme" which makes its first appearance in the "Decision" cue in WNM) rather than the main title theme that all the other scores use heavily, so I guess you could say the three of them form a grouping; but WNM and TMT are particularly close in sound and style.

But "The Naked Time" is definitely my favorite Courage score from the pilots and season 1. I'm looking forward to listening to it.
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