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Re: Plinkett reviews.... TITANIC

Hate to say it, but this review was a big letdown - not unwatchable, but a bit dull, and I don' think I'll ever revisit it. I guess Stoklassa didn't want to go the obvious route of reviewing a Matrix sequel or Trek V, but Titanic really is a poor choice for anal-sis - its virtues and flaws are immediately apparent, and hard to elaborate on.

Still, here are some interesting points he could have discussed, but didn't:
- The dialogue is heavily melodramatic, yes, and, contrary to what he suggested with the Casablanca clip, not more so than much of "Old Hollywood" style. But the dialogue serves the story, and the story, however contrived, gives us a nearly complete tour of the ship in the course of one narrative through-line without ever feeling like a checklist-ticking scavenger hunt. Surely this was intentional. Does that make the movie better?

- Did Rose make the right choice in dealing with the diamond? So long as her ex and his relatives were around, using or donating it could have been very tricky and unpleasant, but by the time of the framing story, surely no one would question her ownership of it. A good time, in other words, to donate it to some kind of charity?

- To what extent, if any, were/are any charges of exploiting a human tragedy for popcorn entertainment justified?

- Does the movie represent a step backward for Cameron's line of badass female heroines?
... Etc. Instead, the review was bloated, meandering, and, apart from the callbacks section and the interesting if not terribly relevant comparison to other Titanic works, really pretty lightweight. I am dissapoint.
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