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Re: Well, gee, what do you know?! Worf was right!

I don't think there's any validity to Riker's argument - there are an infinite number of alternate courses to take if Worf's suggestion is to be taken, and if all of them lead to the time loop, then there's no harm in following Worf's suggestion. If just one of them does, then they should clearly turn right now, and trust their luck.

But there is definitely harm in following Riker's suggestion of not altering course, since it's the one and only course that has statistically higher odds of being taken in the infinite alternate universes, and our heroes know that something they did the last time around led to disaster. They can't have done statistically improbable things every time, yet they are still stuck in the loop. So it's definitely time to do something statistically improbable.

Riker is just not applying his brain. And Data is failing to point out the profound lack of logic in Riker's argumentation, and the great advantages of following Worf's advice, even when even Worf's way could lead to a further loop.

Had they done that & left, no Hugh ordeal, no rogue Borg vessel, none of the events of Descent 1 & 2, & likely lives saved
The thing is, the rogue Borg were among the most harmless we have encountered so far. The more of those, the better. Had this particular bunch of Borg not been rendered rogue, they would have been engaged in Collective things which might have resulted in much greater horrors.

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