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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #65: What a fortunate turn of events!

Thanks for the win...

O'Brien: "... and these are the nozzles on Cardassian type three replicators dispenser tubes. Note the extra flanges to add a prestirred texture to Kanar and similar beverages..."
Bashir: "These... are your vacation slides?"
O'Brien: "Wait, we're getting to the good bit. The conduits around the secondary fusion reactors, the lead shielding is..."
Jadzia: "We could have gone to Sisko's recitation of the statistics from the 2025 World Series."
Kira: "I could have listened to Odo's review of petty crime reports..."

Kira: "What are you still doing here?"
Odo: "It's over."
Kira: "Go home."

Sisko: "You're telling me that Jadzia had a Curzon flashback during sex?"
Worf: "Yes..."
Sisko: "To that time when Curzon spent a week in a Klingon prison for..."
Worf: "Yes..."
Sisko: "And you're freaked out, because Jadzia freaked out."
Worf: "Worse. She seemed to enjoy it more."

Odo: "Am I chief of security aboard this station?"
Sisko: "Yes Constable, I have every confidence in you..."
Odo: "Then assume the position. I'm instituting mandatory body cavity searches of all the senior staff in case of hidden changelings."
Jadzia: "You just had to involve us in your sordid little sex games, didn't you Nerys?"

Mirror Sisko: "Do I look bad ass now, bitch!"
Intendant: "Shave your head, grow a beard and then we'll talk, my little Terran love toy."
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