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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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I have pretty much 100% monopropellant and I'm aware of the mode toggle (R) between rotational/lateral controls.
The R key doesn't toggle between rotational and lateral controls, that just turns the RCS thrusters on and off to save mono-propellant fuel. The space key is the default to switch between rotational and lateral controls in docking mode, and I think you actually have to click on the button on the bottom-left to enter docking mode.

TheGodBen - gotta say, that space station is awesome - you are a master at this. I'm just a fumble-fingered n00b.
I wouldn't say I'm a master, I've just become proficient at one element of the game; docking things together. It was useful practice, though. It will probably come in handy if I get a ship stranded somewhere.

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What kind of rig are you running? thats one thing i fear. I dont want to buy this game only to find the epic shit i wanna build will kill my mac. I'm running an iMac--3.6GHz/i3/4gb/ATI-HD4670. The demo runs great.
My PC is pretty old at this stage, 3GHz dual-core, 4GB of RAM, GeForce 9600GT with 512MB of VRAM. The game runs really well unless I build a ship with around 200 parts, that's when I start to experience FPS problems, but it's still playable. The biggest thing I ever built was my space station in 0.17, it was 333 parts at launch and too big to take off from the launchpad, so I had to launch from the runway. But I still managed to get the monstrosity into orbit.

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