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Re: Modeling Updates: Refit, Classic, and D7

Finished last night with major assembly on my TOS kit. Ran into a serious problem with one of the nacelles. The support was bending back so far that I thought it was going to break, so I elected to cut off some of the outer pylon. That was a major mistake. I super glued the nacelle and the cut-off-piece back in, will have to do a quick gap fill, sand, and touch up of base color, but the damage is done. One nacelle is off kilter permanently, though the only way I think it is noticeable is if you look at it from the back. If anyone has any suggestions on how to straighten this out, let me know.

I am particularly proud of the inboard nacelle details on this one. It's the best detail work I have ever done on a kit. I have noticed some of the decals have started to flake, and will have to address that issue as well.

Some final touches will be added... nav lights on the nacelles, perhaps a single pinstripe down the top of each nacelle too. Then paint touch-ups, clear coating, and a shot of dull coat.

Now, on to the pics.

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