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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

It's okay to be sarcastic, but it's not close to a duck or even a goose. You guys are trying too hard to fit a square into an oval opening

  1. How they are "disrupting" the control is by breaking the connection. It's the equivalent to cutting the wiring between the automatic pilot box and the control box if we're talking about an aircraft or ship.
  2. Because of the context of that scene, it does not mean the pattern you see on that diagram corresponds to X number or reactors and Y number of dilithium conversion points. If we wanted to, we can come up with a host of other meanings for such a display on that station that has nothing to do with dilithium crystals and reactors.
  3. Is that diagram ever referred to again in the context of power distribution and NOT automatic helm control?

The funny thing is that I'm an advocate of a three reactor setup and I could easily adapt to this diagram. It's the context of how it is introduced into this scene that is bothersome as it has nothing to do with power generation but about flight control.


If you guys had argued that Chekov wasn't looking at that screen for the control information but the buttons he pushes after he turns on that screen (because he never looks back up to confirm they are dead before he goes over to call Spock) then you might be on to something

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