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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Third viewing last night, still fucking awesome, in fact I may even like it more

I can't quite get over the fact that he's never in Macau, Shanghai or wherever he's supposed to be at the start (ie when he's enjoying death, not the start in Instanbul) but frankly if I hadn't already known this I probably wouldn't have guessed.

Q is still stupid and Silva's plan still overly convoluted, but I still love it anyway. In fact I'm starting to seriously consider it might be top 5 materiel. Definitely Craig's best Bond film and probably best Bond since Goldeneye.

Oh yeah, and when Silva's men approach Skyfall, they spread out to a very long ragged skirmish line, if the DB5 had been pointing the other way 007 would have been lucky to get one of them
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