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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

Chekov is looking at the status of specific circuits that affect navigation. It would make quite a bit of sense for the circuits to be displayed at their correct physical and functional locations in the overall navigational system, which no doubt consists of three sorts of things (pardon my Pakledian):

- things that make the ship go where wanted
- things that tell the ship where it is
- things that coordinate between the above two and contain knowledge of places to go to

Chekov wouldn't have a reason to look at line upon line of abstract software in the coordinating department when he's studying circuit status. The heroes aren't in the dark about where they are, either. They have serious problems turning the ship around to where they want to go, though. It only sounds natural that Chekov would be studying the very part of the navigation system that physically turns the ship around... The part that now has been rendered inactive, so that nothing done with the helm will cause the ship to turn around.

Whether the display describing the ship-turning mechanisms and their controls would incorporate reactors, warp coils, subspace rudders or something else, depends on the deeper nature of how starships are steered. But these mechanistic components would have every right to be prominently on display when Chekov verifies that these systems are no longer being affected by helm-originated impulses. In contrast, there would be no reason to display things like star charts, spacelane memory banks or sensor layouts during this verification.

Timo Saloniemi
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