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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

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How was Charles underdeveloped in First Class? I would say that Charles, Erik, and Mystique were arguably the heart and soul of the film and received equal treatment in terms of character development. The score of Singer's story in First Class was the Magneto/Xavier relationship and that comes out in spades in the film.
To me it seemed like they only had a few scenes together; some of Xavier's scenes were good but I disliked how he was basically given the idea of forming the team, the plane and Cerebro by the government, and therefore found other mutants easily (and their training was condensed to a montage); that he and the rest of the film didn't address the actual civil rights movement (implicitly suggesting the early '60s, aside from the Cuban missile crisis, was mostly about partying) also made them both seem a little too lightweight.

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depowering Rogue and Magneto and killing Xavier were some of the better elements I'd rather not have ignored or reset.
Xavier's "death" was already reset by the scene after the end credits.
Brief and vague enough to be ignored ; a lot more would have to be included to try to justify it.
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