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Ensign Gates

Has anyone noticed Ensign Gates was in a lot of episodes of TNG?

I just recently rewatched the series star to finish and ever since her introduction in Sarek (according to Memory Alpha), it seems like she's had more episode appearances then any of the third string characters (Ensign Ro, Wesley Crusher, Chief O'Brian, Nurse Ogawa, Guinan, Barclay, Ensign Sito and a few others). According to Memory Alpha she appeared in 45 / 178 episodes, but simply looking over the page, I do remember her in a few others without extensively / exhaustively going back to looking over each episode.

Anyone else think it would have been interesting to give her a little more on screen development then she got? It just seems like she would have been a great candidate for Lower Decks.

TNG loved third string characters, I'm just a little surprised with as many episodes as she was in, she never got a little bit of character development considering how many episodes she was in.
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