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Re: New Info! *SPOILERS*

I'm glad we're seeing Qo'noS again for the first time in close to a decade. I wouldn't have minded some smooth-headed Klingons making an appearance just to connect to the 22nd Century viral mutation that cosmetically changed most of their race, but for all we know the Empire found a cure for the condition earlier in this timeline than it did in the Prime one.

I just hope the Klingons are creepy and vicious looking this time around. As much as I love Klingons the whole "pissed off Harley biker gang dude with heavy metal hair" thing stopped being intimidating and thrilling a long time ago. The Klingons in ST:TMP had a very menacing, almost vampire or gargoyle-like appearance with their more pronounced teeth and canines and the red mood lighting being shone on the bridges of the battle cruisers at the start of the film.
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