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Re: VOTE - Voyager AV contest: Caretaker/Harry's Women/Santa Claus

We have our winners for the first rebooted Voyager AV contest, who get the coveted golden Janeway blend coffee cups!

Episode- Caretaker:

Little Miss Christmas(Miss Lemon) wins with Paris playing peekaboo.

Theme- Harry's Women:

jinglebellrok(lurok) wins with Harry's falling for a terrorist elf and getting shot down almost literally.

Random- Santa Claus:

Little Miss Christmas(Miss Lemon) & myself have to share a cup! (Hey, how ya doin? ) Apparently badass Santas are popular this season!

latkah(jespah), myself, and Santa JiNX(JiNX-01) all get to share a tasty leola root wafer for coming in second!

So Miss Lemon gets to host our next contest and pick the Episode, lurok the theme, and I'll cede the Random pick to Miss Lemon too since I picked everything this time around!
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