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Re: How many reset buttons?

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Just because Chakoty and the Maquis don't have much of a choice doesn't mean they have to be happy about. There should have been more resistance and push back against Star Fleet regulations and frankly I think a lot of the Maquis would blame Janeway for being stranded in the DQ. What's the point of having the Maquis on the ship if there is not going to be any conflict? It makes Janeway look like a total Mary Sue if all those Maquis people will simply defer to her right away.
While some of them had starfleet backgrounds I'm going to assume most of them didn't. If this had happened to me and I was suddenly forced to wear a uniform and follow military protocols and regulations, slot into a military system I would have a freaking heart attack and after that I'd be looking for any possible way to exist in that hell and not have to put up with too much of it. I would not make a very good reluctant recruit and I'm not sure I would ever get used to it.

I'm thinking the Maquis were full of anti-authority misfit types for whom fitting into starfleet would be very difficult.

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