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Hmm... I'm usually quite vehemently opposed to the idea that the Preservers (a race or organization whose one known action occurred no earlier than the 17th century and is thus contemporary with ourselves rather than ancient) have anything to do with the Progenitors from "The Chase," who lived unimaginably farther back in time and had completely different methods from the Preservers (they didn't preserve existing species, they triggered the evolution of new ones billions of years down the road). But this explanation, while still a profound case of Small Universe Syndrome, at least acknowledges the immense gulf in time we're dealing with. And the hibernation idea reminds me a bit of what I did with the Manraloth in The Buried Age, though it would be presumptuous of me to assume any actual homage was involved.
The methods aren't that different. After all, a garden shop first has to plant the seeds and then later, when they've grown, they sell them for transplant. Trek has had a small universe for decades. There's nothing that says that they can't be one and the same. For that matter you could probably work the whale probe into it as well. It just works in the aquatic division.

Trek thrives on the most unlikely of coincidences. Are we to believe that every time that Earth has been threatened that it was the Enterprise that saved it? If not, how many other times has Earth been on the brink of destruction? How many other starships have saved everyone on Earth?

In recent Trek lit, look at Elias Vaughn. Until his introduction we'd never heard of anyone that could fit the slot he was placed in and yet, one he showed up he knew everybody and was a major player in a number of previous stories. He is (was? Nah...) a cool character though.

Look at the reboot movie. How many amazingly unlikely coincidences were there just to get the classic crew together and years early at that. Sulu was never an astrophysicist, Chekov is somehow a different age and yet the same person. To say nothing of Spock and Kirk being within walking distance of Scotty on Delta Vega, Spock knowing a long distance being technology that just happens to have been invented by Scott. the crew arriving at Vulcan on the Enterprise which is the only thing that saves them from being destroyed by Nero due to it having the same name as Spock prime's ship. Etc, etc, etc.

Worrying about small universe syndrome and coincidence is a little late at this stage of the game.
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