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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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^ Agreed. This was every bit as silly a movie as Die Another Day, but without the deliberate goofiness. And if the Box Office Mojo-reported budget of $200m is accurate... then I truly have no idea how it could possibly have cost that much.
I think it was the same issue as QoS, that the post schedule is just way too short and you have to have all the VFX houses working overtime to deliver. Not as bad on this as QUANTUM, which had nearly 1000 VFX shots, but even so ...

Still, it does stagger one to realize even Bond movies can't afford to shoot on location except for 2nd unit stuff (main unit only went to Scotland and Turkey, rest was all faked in UK and fleshed out with second unit stunt & bg plates.)

God I hated this movie.
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