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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I've only watched a few of the episodes on Season 3 bluray (Peak Performance and Emissary) and so far I think the quality is decent, there were a few complaints such as some of the ships looked a little too plastic-y and the planets a little blurry but overall I am happy. With that said, I do hope that Season 3 is done better. I'm Currently watching Q Who.


At the end of Peak Performance when the camera is moving away from the Enterprise, I noticed for the very first time that you can see people walking around in the red spherical are on top of the ship... I can't remember the name of it. Has anyone else noticed this on the DVDs or is it new the the Blurays due to the clarity?

If you're talking about the standard warp away shot used at the end of the show intro, yes there are "people" walking around the observation lounge. The S1 blu ray extras reveal for the first time that it was actually a crude animated pencil drawing.
Pretty cool, and yes it is visibly (but fuzzy) on he DVDs and original airings.
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