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Re: How Did They Make Gary Mitchell's & Dr. Elizabeth Dehner's Eyes Gl

Kirk1980 wrote: View Post
Not just any contact lenses.... early 1960s ones. Very hot and uncomfortable. They were scleral lenses which allowed the effects department to get a thin sheet of foil between the layers of the lens. A pinhole was poked in them to allow the actors to see.

This had the knockon effect that Lockwood had to tilt his head up in order to see properly, giving him that sorta arrogant look. He wasn't being dramatic, he just couldn't see otherwise!

They were also HIGHLY uncomfortable. Heat built up behind them, driving Lockwood crazy. Kellerman, though, never showed discomfort. Then again, she didn't wear them as much, so who knows.
Thanks, Kirk1980. Like the others, I have always wondered how it was done.
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