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Re: Original baddie?

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Lt Harrison (Ron Veto) appeared in 27 episodes of the original series compared to Lt Kyle (John Winston) who appeared in 11.
I may be wrong, but I don't think Ron Veto's character's name was ever 100% positively attributed to him as being 'Lt. Harrison".

From what I understand, the only mention of Harrison's name was in Space Seed, and even then it was not 100% positive that Veto's character was the one referred to as "Harrison"...

...In the scene when his name was mentioned, Khan had turned off the air supply to the bridge, and the people on the bridge were all going unconscious. Kirk was almost unconscious, but was giving a log entry (possibly his last before he dies) in which he was giving commendations to the bridge officers -- the camera was panning over TWO bridge officers lying unconscious while Kirk said "commendations to...Technicians First Class Thule and Harrison".

However, because both were on the screen simultaneously, we can't be sure which was Thule and which was Harrison -- although if Kirk spoke the names in order that they were sprawled out around him, Veto was Harrison. the way, the sources of information I saw (memory-alpha and IMDB) says that Veto was in 13 episodes, not 27.
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