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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Thanks for the support!

Ok! Neil! What is going on at 3:22 of "The Ancient Combat / 2nd Kroykah" in the Amok Time score?!?!? I'm used to hearing a pause there before the fight music kicks up again. Here the fight music resumes abruptly, sort of breaking in on the preceding brass chords.

My theory is this: on the old GNP Crescendo disc, they used a version of the cue that was not the version used in the episode. I don't have "Amok Time" handy to watch, but I vaguely remember that the fight resumes before Kirk is really ready. And this version of the cue shows that thru music. Given that internal "evidence", and everything we've read about the process you went thru to identify "takes" and sync them up etc, that seems plausible to me.

But is it right? The old CD used a version of the cue that is "accurate", in the sense of being from the recording session, but was not the version aired in the episode? And you restored the version actually used in the episode, to this set?

By the way, the improvement in sound quality is really noticeable in this score. I can clearly hear a bunch of percussion right in the "middle" of the mix, that was muddled before. And the "new" stuff (Deep Thought/Message From TíPring/Pon Farr etc) is incredible.

(And that's just this score!)
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