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Re: And Cumberbatch?s Character Is?

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I must admit, the idea that a quiet, good but unspectacular officer becomes this awesome engine of destruction in another life is pretty cool.
But it's a shout out that only diehard fans (us) of the original series will get. Sure, the first Abrams movie featured some callbacks to TOS, like the casting of Nimoy/Spock, who is a well known public figure regardless, in the first film as a shout out (and arguably the "passing of the torch) to TOS, but it's just not the same.

The concept of an extra being a big shot in an alternate universe (especially with a near 50 year gap between productions), is something that just cannot work when you are making a film aimed at majority audiences.
Of course, if they are just re-using a name from a TOS extra for their essentially new character it won't matter. Fans will get the in-joke, to non-fans he's just some guy named Harrison.

The only flaw with this was that it doesn't fit with the mindset Bad Robot had with Trek XI, after the scene with Sam Kirk was deleted, Jim had to yell "Johnny" when he drove by him to not confuse non-fans. But if they had kept Jim yelling "Sam" fans would know he was Jim's brother, while to non-fans he's just some kid name Sam.

Or maybe they've learned how stupid they were with that mistake and are trying it out here?
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