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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I got mine today!! Now, I have to wait until Christmas to unbox it!

Honestly, I have not posted here on the forum in a LONG time... this set brought me out of the woodwork. I haven't bought any TOS media in a LONG time either... since the 2 episode DVDs.

Now I'm ready for La La Land to get into video and release TOS in 8K Ultra High Definition, unmolested, with the original effects, music, bumpers, etc in a limited edition set. I'm so tired of the so-called state of the art restorations in 2K... just old technology. By the time CBS releases all of TNG in 1080p, it will already need to be restored again in 4K...
The problem is I don't think the original f/x sequences exist anywhere in pristine condition. So in effect you'd have to redo the f/x all over again, either as (good) cgi or investing the time in money to recreate the f/x in somewhat similar fashion as they were originally done, with models and bluescreen techniques. Uh, yeah, I could really see the-powers-that-be ponying up for that.

I will say that that would be an amazing way to enhance the original f/x while retaining the original style of those f/x.
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