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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Amazzarite.
B is for Bolian.
C is for Chameloid.
D is for Deltan.
E is for Endaran.
F is for Fabrini.
G is for Grazerite.
H is for Halkan.
I is for Ithenite.
J is for J'nai.
K is for Karagite.
L is for Ligonian.
M is for Medusan. One look and you go crazy.
N is for Nausicaan.
O is for Orion.
P is for Pellean.
Q is for Quasi-energy microbe.
R is for Reegrunion.
S is for Suliban. Sounds like Taliban. Coincidence?
T is for Tandaran.
U is for Uxali.
V is for Visigoths. Picard once compared the Visigoths to the Borg.

Or maybe he just thought the Borg looked "Goth."

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