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Re: And Cumberbatch?s Character Is?

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How do you know? They have access to information at Paramount that we are not privy of. It could have been that Roddenberry had a backstory for Lt Harrison kept in the archives. Only Orci and Kurtzman would have knowledge of this.
Do you actually think Roddenberry created a backstory for a background character, played by an extra who barely had any lines? He barely created backstories for "regulars" like Uhura and Sulu!!!
Possibly. Chekov hardly ever had any lines of importance. It's possible Harrison's had lines but were deleted in scripts or edited out.
Chekov actually had significant parts in several episodes. The Way to Eden and Day of the Dove come to mind. "Harrison" is just a name in a script and not actually assigned to any actor/character. The only reason that particular extra is thought of as "Harrison" is because the camera showed him during Kirk's voice over.
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