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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

92. Dracula (2009): C+
93. Slither: B-
94. Your Highness: F
95. Goldeneye: A
96. Whistleblower: B+

Starring Rachel Weisz stars in this film that takes place in 1999 during the Bosnia conflict. She's a UN Peacekeeper who uncovers a human trafficking operation of young women used in the sex slave trade. It's a good movie and I feel could've used a bit more time with Rachel's character before she flew out. They rushed her personal story a bit imo but I get what they were going for with the maternal instincts and seeker of justice as a cop. The biggest fault of the story, and it's not the film's fault, is that the sleaze bag people involved in this were never prosecuted or brought to justice. Diplomatic Immunity bullshit.
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