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Re: Why was the 2-foot model built?

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Can't you just scale a large model shot smaller in post production(I am guessing you could but it would take time and most likely look bad)?
Not really. You can certainly have the camera close to the model, but in order to get it all in you'll need to use a wide angle lens.

For example, let's say we have a shot of the E-D coming straight for the camera. If you are close, you need a wide angle lens or most of the ship will be out of frame. So you use a wide angle lens. But that makes the nacelles at the back look heaps far away from the saucer. To avoid this, you need to move the camera back. But if you have a really big model, you need to move the camera back a long way. Sometimes the mechanics that move the camera can't reach back that far, and sometimes you just don't have a studio big enough. But if you have a small model of the ship, it's easier to do.

What about movies like ROTJ? All the distance shots during the battle of Endor were done with small models or was ILM's shooting stage that big?
I;d say they used small models. After all, when the tie fighters were that small on the screen, you'd never notice that they were lacking in detail.

What about the distance shot of the Enterprise in TMP flying over V'ger from above? The TMP model was huge and massive.
Same again. They prob built a tiny little Enterprise for that shot.

Similarly, when they did all those ships in the fleets in DS9, they used little plastic model kits and even the Christmas tree decorations for those shots. Sure they were small and poorly detailed, but considering that they were very small in the frame, you never saw their flaws.
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